Die Pastafrauen

The “pasta women” make the best fresh pasta in Hamburg and they will prepare the 400 lunch boxes for all players at cost. It won’t be pasta, of course! Sunday night you will also find their delicious antipasti at the buffet. The “pasta women” kindly let us use their storeroom to paint the banners for our performance in Leuven last Easter. So here’s a big Thank You to the Pastafrauen!

FAIRLINES travel agency

When Hamburg’s Frauenbuchladen (feminist bookstore) sadly closed after having sponsored Rrasant 98 as an inhouse sports group from 1982 to 2005, FAIRLINES happily agreed to take over, and Rrasant is now the FAIRLINES inhouse sports group.


Dance and movement for women! Learn everything from standard/latin to line dance in regular courses and workshops. Interested? Want details? Contact Marlis Wenkens at www.wechselschritte.de

print office St. Pauli

The print office St. Pauli is sponsoring the programm booklet.


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