Program 1989

Friday 27th, Oct.:
    6 p.m. till midnight
    welcome with a glass of champaign
    in the womyns coffeeshop "Schokofabrik"
    arranging the sleeping facilities
    handing over the programm and further informations

Saturday 28th, Oct.:
    1 p.m. sporthall at 'Schlesische Straße' (near the wall)
    1.30 p.m. group warm-up with music
    2 p.m. mixed-tournament
    8 p.m. the sporthall will be closed
    8 p.m. dinner starts at the AL-house
    Badensche Straße 29 in Berlin 31 (House in the rear court)
    11 p.m. opening party of the lesbianweek stars at the 'tempodrom'

Sunday 29th, Oct.:
    1 p.m. sporthall 'Schlesische Str.
    1.30 p.m. warm-up
    2 p.m. city-tournament
    6 p.m. ending with a big final
    6.30 p.m. congratulation and prices
    8 p.m. departure

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