Presentation in Leuven

Every year, the city that wants to organize the next tournament introduces itself at the party on the last night of the current tournament. Until that time the new city is top secret – although this unfortunately doesn’t always work.
We introduced ourselves with a traditional Hamburg song and demonstrated something of the North German temperament in a small skit.
You can download the film.

Film Download


(860 KB) Windows, slow connection

Team Hamburg


Welcome point: Angelika, Usch, Katrin, Tine
Lodging: Tine, Alfa, Angelika, Usch, Susan
Contacts: Tine
Tournament: Ritschi, Regine, Hanne, Gudi
Party: Hadi, Susan, Gabi
Finances: Sabine, Kerstin
Sponsors: Rike, Sinje
Media (print): Usch, Hadi, Katja, Gabi
Media (online): Tine, Rachel, Gesine
Culture: Katrin, Sabine
S-class: Sabine, Rike
Translation: Rachel, Hiltrud, Sally
Volunteers: Birgit

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