Berlin 1989

Dear women!
We're very happy to welcome you to the first international lesbian volleyball tournament. We first thought of organizing this tournament when we played at this year's gay/lesbian tournament in Cologne.
There we noticed that, on the international level, lesbian teams connect almost exclusively at male homosexual sports events. We wanted to counter that by organizing a purely lesbian tournament. Also, we were dissapointed to see lesbian teams get eliminated very early because of the strength of the male teams. At the cities' competition during this tournament, teams will therefore be eliminated only during the last round.
Because it should be more important to enjoy playing and doing things together than to win. Therefore we ask the better players to please be patient. We were surprised to meet less response to this tournament than we had expected. We hope that the reasons are travel costs, time constraints, etc., not the general prejudice about the apathy of women and lesbians.
Finally we ask you to please understand if not everything works out as it should. It is our first time at a tournament of this scale.

We wish you all a lot of fun!    Volleyball team 'Immerhin'

Many thanks to the women's/lesbian team 'Seitenwechsel,' to the Fraueninfothek and to all women who have helped to put this tournament together.

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