Willkommen, welcome, bienvenue, welkom, bienvenido, velkommen... in HAMBURG 2006

The 18th International Lesbian Volleyball Tournament is taking place in Hamburg from April 14 to 17, 2006.

Hamburg, the “Gateway to the World,” invites lesbians from all over Europe who are enthusiastic about volleyball and volleyball players from all over Europe who are enthusiastic about lesbians to put in to harbor for the second time in Hamburg since 1992. We have been organizing, planning, communicating, producing, evaluating and pondering since the autumn of 2004 in order to host an Easter tournament as unique and exciting as those that have gone before. The 2006 tournament will  naturally combine high-powered playing with relaxing, enjoyable recreational activities like parties, dinner and more to guarantee an unforgettable Easter weekend. For that, we’ll even give you the volleyball shirts off our back!

Who are WE?
The organizers of the upcoming International Lesbian Volleyball Tournament in Hamburg are members of the volleyball teams Nimm Du and Rrasant/Brisant. We are also all members of Rrasant 98, a feminist women’s sports group founded in 1986 – for formal legal reasons – as the in-house sports group of Hamburg’s Frauenbuchladen (feminist bookshop). At that time, many lesbians were feminists and many feminists were lesbian so it was quite natural that Rrasant participated in lesbian volleyball tournaments. Rrasant 98 now comprises two volleyball groups in addition to other sports. When the feminist bookshop closed in early 2005, our friends at the travel agency FAIRLINES agreed to take us over as their in-house sports group. Hamburg has other lesbian volleyball teams, too, like Hauwech, but they are not directly affiliated with Rrasant. Since the beginning of the Easter tournaments at least one of our teams has always taken part. We have also participated in other national and international tournaments such as the Sinterklaas tournament in Amsterdam, the Eurogames, the Gay Games in New York (1994) and Amsterdam (1998).

We all look forward very much to meeting you!

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