Thank you all who have decided to join the tournament! :)


Registered teams

Level A/B+

Elbpearls / Hamburg, Germany

Babajagas / Berlin, Germany

BH de luxe / Berlin-Hamburg, Germany

Vienna's Queer Melange / Vienna, Austria

Playmaids Icketown / Berlin, Germany

Maultaschen / Berlin, Germany

DIGI / Warsaw, Poland

Netzo / Amsterdam, Netherlands

Nimm Du / Hamburg, Germany

Feel the Rush! / Wroclaw, Poland


Level B-/C

KKS Krakersy / Cracow, Poland

Śliczne! / Warsaw, Poland

Queen for Tonight / Groningen, Netherlands

Ballerinas / Berlin, Germany

Les Goudales / Paris, France

Abseitz Stuttgart / Stuttgart, Germany



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