Who are we?


We are a team of volleyball players part of the non-profit organization ‘Brussels Gay Sports’, some of us members for more than ten years, and we participate regularly in the diverse organizations and events of our association.

Brussels Gay Sports (BGS) is the first gay, lesbian and
transgender sports club of Belgium and has been in a constant state of growth over the last 24 years.

More than a simple sporting club, it gathers its members and their friends around unifying values of sporting competition and fun, but also tolerance and social dynamism throughout organization of international sporting tournaments and parties, fundraising campaigns in the fight against aids, sport training or cultural activities.

This is why BGS drives a strong image city-wide and beyond with the authorities, traders, gay/lesbian/transgender public, the public at large and of course its own members.

For more information regarding BGS:
     Bruxelles Gay Sports (BGS) asbl
     rue Marché au Charbon, 42
     1000 Bruxelles
     Mail: info@bgs.org
     Website: www.bgs.org

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