Hostels and Hotels in London

If you choose to book your own accommodation in London, please note that the tournament and the party will be held in South East and East London, so avoid West and North particularly and even central London is not that convenient. Areas on the Jubilee line or even better the Docklands Light Railway (DLR) are ideal.

The best areas to stay are:





Rotherhithe/Canada Water


London Bridge

Tower Hill


Hostel recommendations:


The Dictionary, Shoreditch - great area


YHA Thameside, Rotherhithe - near the river


City Inn Express, London Fields - really interesting trendy area, but not as close the sportshall as the rest...


Hotel Recommendations:


Holiday Inn, Limehouse


Marlin Appartments, Limehouse


Ibis, Excel - Industrial area but safe and the closet to the sportshall


More hotels near very close to sports centre:



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