Welcome to Poland in 2011


The 23th European Lesbian Volleyball Tournament will be held in Warsaw from 22th to 25th April 2011.

For all questions and communications, please write to us at: eulevoto2011@gmail.com


Dear Players and Friends that took part in EuLeVoTo 2011, thank you for the wonderful atmosphere and a great contest on the playground. We are very happy of being able to create the history of Europian Lesbian Volleball Tournament. And we hope that the days you've spent in Warsaw remain in your memory for some time.

See you in one year on EuLeVoTo 2012 in Paris!

The first pictures from the tournament EuLeVoTo 2011 Warsaw


Here you can download the newsletters:

  • NEWSLETTER NO. 1 - Invitation
  • NEWSLETTER NO. 2 - about Warsaw
  • NEWSLETTER NO. 3 - Registration
  • NEWSLETTER NO. 4 - Program

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