GHLSV GOUD Groningen

GHLSV GOUD GRONINGEN was founded in 1996 as a gay and lesbian sports club preparing for the gay games in Amsterdam in 1998. Sports are volleyball and badminton. We are affiliated with Zwemgoud, a swimming club and we have a connection with a lesbian hiking club. Having fun whilst sporting is as important to us as respect for each other. All levels and ages are represented in our teams.

The female volleyball section, your host in 2010, consists of 25 members divided over three recreational teams. We train once a week and participate in local competition, national and international gay tournaments. Together with the male volleyball section we annually organize the Spring Volleyball Tournament which welcomes national and international male and female teams. So if you are infatuated with Groningen after the Easter tournament, you can relive this moment every spring. For more information, check our website:

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