Latest News - April 6th 2009

Dear participants,

In less than a week, we will all meet in Brussels for what will be THE tournament of the year! The sun is currently shining in Brussels - let's hope this will continue!

Below, you'll find our third- and last - newsletter. Please read it carefully and see you all in a few days! We are soooo looking forward to welcoming you!

The BGS girls


When? Friday April 10 - From 6:30pm to 11:30pm

Where? Le Smouss Café - rue marché au charbon, 112 - 1000 Brussels -

Come and join us there for a drink. or two. or... . This is also where you will register, meet your host, receive your welcome pack and the latest info re the fun and sporty weekend ahead of you.

IMPORTANT: If you cannot join us on Friday, please inform us at It will aslo be possible to register on Saturday morning at the gymnasium before the competition starts. All teams are expected in their respective gymnasium at 9.00, just before the warming-up. You will find maps of our different locations on


Who plays where?

  • Level A+, A- and B+: Centre Sportif Mounier: Av. Emmanuel Mounier, 87 at 1200 Brussels/Woluwe
  • Level B-: Centre Sportif de la Forêt de Soignes: Ch. de Wavre, 2057 at 1160 Brussels/Auderghem
  • Level C+ and C: Centre Sportif d'Etterbeek: Rue des Champs, 69-71 at 1040 Brussels/Etterbeek


  • Each team should bring its own balls.
  • Water will be distributed in each gymnasium. No need to bring your 2.5 gallon bottle or to fix a tank collecting rain water on the top of your car. You may be unlucky if it is sunny...
  • Sneakers with white sole only are allowed in the gymnasiums. This is valid for both players and non-players. Spare your high heals shoes for the party!
  • Don't forget that a special prize will be given to the best team cheer and to the best outfit!


  • By now, you have received an email informing you about your host's coordinate. Please contact her/him as soon as possible. Thanks
  • Parking in Brussels' center is expensive and not easy. Public transport is the best option. For more info, please click on


  • Taste and enjoy BELGIAN "French" fries and beer. Forget waffles, they are only made for tourists ;o)
  • Visit the Grand Place
  • If it rains during your stay, go in the streets to sing and dance under your umbrella... oops, no, sorry, that's in New York City!

AND WHAT HAS BECOME A TRADITION NOW.... a few expressions used outside Brussels but still very helpful!

Oufti quén affèr !

(oufty kenafair) = expression from Liège but regularly used in Brussels for mixed feelings: astonishment and despair


(nondidjou) = literal translation of "in God's name!"


(a:znaiz) = in a very relax way

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