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How will it take place in Brussels ?

Friday 10/04 - Welcome evening



Time: from 6:30 PM to 11:30 PM


Place: LE SMOUSS (rue marché au chargon, 112 - 1000 Brussels) Website:


Come and have a drink with us at the SMOUSS. This is also the place where you will meet your host, receive last information and programme and finally meet your opponents!


Saturday 11/04 - First day of tournament


9:00 AM: Be on time at your dedicated gymnasium for the warming session


Level A+, A- and B+ will play in the 'Centre Sportif Mounier' (Avenue Emmanuel Mounier, 87 - 1200 Brussels-Woluwe)


Level B- will play in the 'Centre Sportif de la Forêt de Soignes' (Chaussée de Wavre, 2057 - 1160 Brussels-Auderghem)


Level C+ and C- will play in the 'Centre Sportif d'Etterbeek' (Rue des Champs, 69-71 -1040 Brussels-Etterbeek)


End of the tournament day: 6:00 PM


Sunday 12/04 - Second day of tournament


Start at 9:00 AM in all gymnasiums


Finals: from 12:30 PM to 6:30 PM in 'Centre Sportif d'Etterbeek'


22:30 PM: EUROPEAN GIRLS PARTY @ La Raffinerie (Rue de Manchester, 21 - 1080 Brussels)


Monday 13/04 - Brunch


From 10:00 AM to 2:00PM: Brunch @ LE MANNEKEN in Grand place - Brussels centre


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