Practical information

You can get brochures and maps of Reykjavik at the BSÍ Bus Terminal in Reykjavik if arriving by bus from the airport. They will also be handed out at the Friday welcoming party with the tournament programme. We would also like to introduce to you The Tourist Information Centre which is located in Ađalstrćti 2 in the city centre.
Below you can get practical information on various things.

The aeroplanes will arrive at Keflavik International Airport (Leifur Eiríksson Air Terminal) which is about 50 km from Reykjavik. Here are links to airlines that fly to Iceland.
Iceland Express  
British Airways
You can see available transfer flights on flight planner.

Travel from the airport
There are three ways to travel from the airport to Reykjavik. By bus, by taxi or by hired car. Please note that there are no railways in Iceland!
You can take the Flybus from Keflavik to BSÍ Bus Terminal which is near the city centre. The cost of one-way transfer for one person is about 1.100 ISK (Icelandic krona). Taxis are also available outside the terminal for any destination in Reykjavik. The cost of one-way transfer for 1-4 persons is about 7.500 ISK and for 5-8 persons about 9.500 ISK. There are several car rentals located at the air terminal. Further information can be found at the terminals´ website

Hotels and guesthouses
A list of hotels and guesthouses is available at Visit Reykjavik and Your official travel guide to Iceland
Following hotels and guesthouses offer discount if mentioning the tournament:
Fosshotel Baron
Guesthouse Sunna
Reykjavik City Hostel
See more information on special prices.

Buses in Reykjavik
Single bus fare inside Reykjavik costs 280 ISK. Remember to ask for transit ticket if you have to change buses. In Reykjavik, bus drivers do not give change. You can buy cheaper multi bus tickets to share.You can plan your bus trips at

Here you can read about the current weather in Iceland:

What to do in your spare time
We would like to point out that Easter in Iceland is a public holiday and therefor more quiet than normal. We recommend:
Blue lagoon: 
Cafe Kósý - a very small café/bar.
Get a „birds eye“ view over Reykavik from Hallgrímskirkja church tower: 
Visiting Samtökin ´78 - The Icelandic Association of Lesbians and Gay Men - bar and library:
There are no lesbian-only places in Iceland!

Useful links
BSÍ Bus Terminal:
Leifur Eiriksson Air Terminal - Dining in Reykjavik, what´s happening in Reykjavik, culture and travel:
Visit Reykjavik - The official website of Reykjavik Capital of Iceland:
What´s on in Iceland
Your official travel guide to Iceland:

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